Exam Stress

Exams!  Enough to strike fear in many adults, never mind our teenagers.  Who out there is still having the Leaving Cert nightmare even though it is well behind you?  Here’s a tip.  Have you heard of the Dr Schuessler 12 Tissue Salts?  Made from natural minerals, each one has a traditional therapeutic use.  A great combination indicated for someone who is suffering with exam stress is Kali Phos, Calc Phos and Nat Phos Tissue Salts.

Natural remedies for Exam stress

This combination covers nervousness and anxiety, inability to concentrate and lacking emotional equilibrium.   All things that can be present in your Junior Cert or Leaving Cert student!  They are taken 3 – 4 times a day for a number of weeks.  Suitable for children and adults.  You can get them individually in Holland and Barrett, Down to Earth and various chemists and health food shops or you can get them combined in a single pillule from Down to Earth, 73 South Great Georges Street, Dublin 2, 01 671 9702 (mail order too).  Tell them Dianne sent you!

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Dr. Schuessler was a doctor of medicine, a physiological chemist and a physicist who was well ahead of his time.