Hay Fever – Natural symptomatic relief

I was in Down to Earth health food shop in Dublin city a couple of weeks ago, when a fellow shopper came in looking for anti-histamine. On being told she couldn’t get it in a health food shop but would at the nearby chemist she said all the chemists in town were sold out! Its unbelievable to think about the number of people who must now be suffering with hay fever for the city to sell out of anti-histamine! She was desperate for relief for her itchy red eyes. She was told about Homeopathic remedies that were available in the Homeopathic dispensary in the shop and she decided to give them a go.

There are a number of remedies traditionally used for acute hay fever symptoms and usually a mixture is made up after a consultation, picking those remedies* most closely associated with the symptoms.

Eyes: watery bland discharge. Eyelids: burning; swollen

Allium Cepa
Eyes: red; watery; burning
Nose: sneezing; watery burning discharge

Mouth: itching of the palate can extend to the throat and ears
Throat: tickling

Nat Mur
Eyes: burning watery discharge; Eyelids: swollen
Nose: sneezing, watery

Eyes: red; watery
Nose: sneezing, watery

Mixed pollens
Made from a variety of pollens from plants, trees and various grasses

Dosage: For acute hayfever. Take a tablet as required for up to 6 doses, stopping on improvement.

These remedies are traditionally used for acute relief only. For treatment for the tendency to allergy, a programme of treatment prescribed by the Homeopath is made during the off season.

*Source: Homeopathic Materia Medica by William Boericke M.D.

Christmas time – overdoing it

Christmas is a time for over indulgence.  In the depths of winter we take advantage of the excuse to eat more rich food, meet up with family and friends who we may not see very often and stay up late.  Add to that the pressure of buying the perfect gift for everyone, and having the perfect Christmas day and we can end up stressed on lots of levels and in need of some remedies!  Homeopaths historically use for relief:

Nux Vomica
Over doing it on rich food, alcohol and burning the candle at both ends, leading to hangovers, irritability, stomach upset and headaches.

Indigestion with bloating and pain,  Pressing on the tummy or bending double helps.

Sense of being bullied, put down, humiliated which is being tolerated but causes seething inside, eventually may lead to angry outbursts or becoming ill or both.  Commonly seen when spending enforced days with family over Christmas where this is an unresolved issue.